Full Stack Developers (React/Vue + Node.js)

Our Digital Product team, self-branded the Monkeys, is growing! 

Curious? Scroll down this page to learn more about Digital Product (Design + Tech) at WeRoad and check out monkeys.weroad.it

And check out our Monkeys Team here! ;)

We are looking for experienced Full Stack Developers (React/Vue + Node.js) to join our team and help us build cutting edge back-end solutions to power our user-facing platforms. With opportunity of Full-Remote!

You’ll work across the stack, on anything from our APIs to web interfaces to internal tools. No matter what you’re working on you’ll be contributing to the design, architecture, and scaleup of our platform and will help us roll out new features.

What you’ll do:

  • Identify front-end and back-end architectural solutions based on business logic and requirements
  • Develop front-end UI solutions (end user-facing and administrative user-facing)

according to UI design, but also contributing autonomously or collaborating with designers to design UI elements based on user logic

  • Help us maximize the user experience and quality of our product

What you’ll bring to the table:

  • Taking ownership and responsibility of your work and find optimal solutions to business requirements
  • You have experience with Vue (or React)
  • You have experience with Node.js & TypeScript
  • You have experience with RESTful APIs and/or GraphQL
  • You have experience in writing unit and integration tests
  • You have good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 
  • You have good knowledge of SQL (Postgres or MySQL databases)
  • You have good knowledge of git (Gitlab, GitlabCI, Github etc.) 
  • Knowledge of Docker and managing containers in development environment

Bonus points for having:

  • Knowledge of Clean Code, Clean Architecture, SOLID principles
  • Knowledge of NestJS, MikroORM
  • Knowledge of Jest/Mocha
  • Knowledge of microservices architecture
  • Message distribution systems (RabbitMQ, Kafka)

What do we do at WeRoad?

At WeRoad Tech is not just “tech.” It’s a multidisciplinary team of Product Designers, Full Stack Designers, Engineers, and Developers that together designs, executes and optimizes the WeRoad digital experience.

There's no such thing as an "ordinary" day at WeRoad. We are constantly sharing and testing new things and working on a lot of different projects, each with their own complexities. We build our solutions in-house, which means we offer a complex architecture and a variety of different tasks to work on.

We are big fans of working together as a team to figure out who will work on what, which means you’ll have more control over how you work.

WeRoad started in 2017 releasing what we used to call the “core platform”, a single project that covered every business process. To enable the business growth in terms of internationalization and scalability, in 2020 we launched a complete refactor switching to a services oriented architecture.

We are constantly evolving our in-house developed platforms and services:

  • Tour operator platform. First released in 2020, it currently enables the core processes of our Product Team such as allotment, buying functionalities, contracting with worldwide suppliers. Still WIP to unleash its full potential.
  • Public website and CMS. A well performing public website,, with a custom in-house developed content and layout management system, constantly evolved to fit all the Product and Marketing needs and stay ahead of the competitors.  
  • Bookings platform. Recently released in its early first version, it is a versatile and scalable platform to manage our current and future booking processes, including the sellable items management and the public end-user frontend
  • Coordinator platform. First released in 2019, with the main scope of allowing our coordinators’ community management. Still WIP to enable international scalability and new core functionalities such as tour/coordinator matching and on-tour and post-tour processes management.

Besides our main platforms and services, we developed and integrated a bunch of other utility services and internal tools, that we constantly maintain and evolve, and occasionally increase with new ones if needed.

Technology we use:

We’re a fast growing startup, which means things move fast and change a lot around here. We choose technology based on our needs and to fit our goals

These are programming languages we currently have in production:

  • Typescript & Nest.js (new core platform projects)
  • PHP8 & Laravel 
  • Node.js (small or legacy projects)
  • Nuxt.js and Vue.js with Server Side Rendering (for all our frontends and back office platforms)
  • React.js
  • Tailwind.css & Buefy 
  • Python (for our Business Intelligence pipelines)
  • Elixir & Go (experimental tooling)

We use PostgreSQL on all new projects, Redis for caching, and we have other projects running on MySQL and MongoDb 

We are working on a service oriented architecture where integration & communication between our services is handled with RabbitMQ and our infrastructure runs on Docker containers in Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

Everything is configured through Terraform & Helm and automated through Gitlab CI, where we host all our code.

We’re a fast-growing startup, which means things move fast and change a lot around here. And on top of that, we like to experiment with many tools, platforms and new technologies. If you like testing new ideas, shipping new products, taking ownership of your work, and getting a lot of things done, you’ll fit in perfectly with our team.

We are OpenSource lovers <3

Our business is growing, here are some ideas we have for the future: 

  • CRM
  • Group matchmaking via machine learning
  • Extensive A/B testing / real-time customization of our website
  • A mobile app for our Coordinators
  • Use of progressive web applications
  • Ecommerce to upsell merchandising and partners’ items in our booking platform
  • A referral program platform


In addition to sponsoring on-the-job training to make sure you have time to keep up with new trends and technologies, we offer a number of great benefits in a great startup work environment:

  • Free WeRoad or ScuolaZoo Viaggi Evento trip to the destination of your choice, every year
  • Smart-working policy with opportunity of Full-Remote
  • Amazing office in Milan with a kitchen, caffetteria, football table, cinema, and relaxing area. Curious? Take a virtual tour at C30, our Milan based headquarter 
  • Half day off on your birthday
  • High end MacBook Pro or Lenovo laptop
  • Family benefits: bonuses for newlyweds and parents
  • Regular (and fun!) team events
  • Daily fresh free fruit, just grabbed from the trees, for those who come to the office :) 


  • Gross income from 35k € up to 55k €, based on experience
  • 5€ Lunch tickets x day 
  • Budget for professional development (conferences, courses, meetups)
  • Discounts and deals (ATM, Flixbus, Car2Go, CityScoot, etc.)

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